New Life of Chants by Composers of the Russian Emigre.

Presentation of the disc “Chants of the Russian Émigré” (San-Francisco, 2014) took place on February 17th 2014 in the Alexander Solzhenitsyn Centre for the Study of the Russian Diaspora.


The Anniversary 10th disc recorded by the chamber choir “Ozarenie” of Moscow Music Society ends the archpriest Pyotr Perekrestov’s project.  Hard work of many years and love manifested themselves in this series consisted of 10 discs. Long forgotten chants “came to life,” and “came to people” bringing with them warmth and love to his far away Orthodox Homeland.


In his speech author and organizer of the project archpriest Pyotr Perekrestov (San –Francisco) pronounces that he felt concerned for this disc since the choir “Ozarenie” was the first chamber choir to perform and record a disc from this series. But after the very first minutes of recording “all doubts were left behind.”


Here are some of the testimonies sent to father Pyotr after the presentation of the disc:

Dear father Pyotr,

thank you so much for this presentation! Many of the people I know attended the concert were truly delighted. Likewise, I would love to express my sincere gratitude for such a wonderful choir that sums up the whole series amazingly. Thank you for inviting this choir at your presentation.”

“I was sincerely touched by you gift! It is such a wonderful disc; I cannot believe it is the last in the series. If that is true I guess you also miss a children choir to fill in the gapJ To contemporary Russians you reveal music of the Russian Émigré, and to us – marvelous Russian church musicians. Listening to the music by archpriest Ilyenko and Russian-Carpathian antiphons has brought me much joy.”



“Dear Father Pyotr,

Wish you a joyful Great Lent!

I sincerely enjoyed the choir, the recording, and the presentation itself. This hall always has homely air and warmth. Although the hall is not suitable for musical concerts at all, they always happen wonderfully there.

I fully realize how much time, strength, and psychological efforts you dedicated to this project. And the result is simply amazing. You have a complete anthology of ten discs recorded with different choirs. That is such a hard work that not any professional musician could have managed. Every and each conductor had a chance to demonstrate his or her perspective on such music, and all the singers could expose their attitude. Moreover, all discs are of great quality and performance.

I feel that such a project could not be done without God’s blessing and will. Completion of the project signifies existed necessity in it.


The 10th disc is a logical end of the whole project while the previous ones required continuation. I cannot say why but that is the way I feel. This is my personal subjective feeling.

I enjoyed the conductor, too – a very cultured and highly professional person.


We would love to continue our correspondence and collaboration within our Church in Russia and abroad by working on similar projects (but not necessarily musical or editorial). People need to know how the church lived abroad all those years the same way they are persistently told about the Great Patriotic War. It is needed to save people’s hearts from staling and avoid unfair speculations. And such voices always appear when media becomes free…”


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