The chamber choir ‘Ozarenie’ of the Moscow Musical Society was created by Olga Burova in 1995. 

The singers of the choir are students and alumni of musical institutions of Russia, performers and vocalists of professional choral ensembles, teachers of music of college, high, middle, and elementary school levels. The chamber choir ‘Ozarenie’ is carries on the traditions of amateur choir performances. 

The Choir is the  Laureate of 1st degree of the 4th International Choir Festival «In Canto Mediterrane – 2015» (Sicily, Italy) and it also has a Grand Prix of the Competition, the Laureate of 1st degree of the International Festival of Academic Choirs “IFAS” (Czech Republic, 2012) and it also has a special prize for “The Best Interpretation of the Competition Obligatory Work”, the Laureate of 1st degree and the Gold medal winner of the International competition of choral music "Rimini International Choral Competition" (Italy, 2011); the choir is the first grade laureate of the IV International Choir Music Competition, (Moscow, 2004), the laureate of the II award of the Сhoral Music Competition «Florilege vocal de Tours» (France, 2006), the laureate of VII International Festival and Competition «Moscow – the world city» (Moscow, 2008), ), the Laureate of the All-Russia prize “Professionals of Russia” “For Great Professional Skills, Creative Achievements and Significant Contribution to the Development of the Russian Culture” (Moscow, 2012). 



the year 2006
the year 2006



The choir participated in the International Competition of Polyphonic Choirs «Guido d’ Arezzo» (Italy, 1998, 2002), International Competition «Cantata Maasmehelen» (Belgium, 1999), the International Festival of Spiritual Music «Virgo Lauretana» (Loreto, Italy, 2002, 2014), Festival of Orthodox Spiritual Music “Rus’ Pevtchaya” (Moscow, 2012),  Worcester International Festival for Young Singers (WIFYS) (United Kingdom, 2013), International Weeks of Choral Music «Alpe Adria Cantat» (Italy, 2000, 2009), International Choir Week «Cantemus 2007» (Hungary, 2007).  In 2009 the chamber choir ‘Ozarenie’ participated in the Choral, Regional and Charitative programs of VIII Moscow Easter Festival (Artistic Director and Conductor Valery Gergiev).

the year 2002

the year 2005

the year 2009







The name ‘Ozarenie’ appeared at the same time as the choir itself did, and it was a swift combination of ‘searching thought and expression of feelings’, writes its creative director and conductor Olga Burova. ‘It had to be mobile and, surely, ‘talking’ to the listener using precise language of intonation logic and sound expressiveness’. The concept is still unchanged till now.

The choir has been connected to the Tula Art College named after A. Dargomyzsky about 8 years, it united the students of various departments and the college graduates. In 2010 the staff received the status of the Moscow Musical Society Choir.

the first membership of our choir, 1995 year
the year 1998
the year 1999


Choir is a member of the European choral association “Europa Cantat,” of the All-Russian choral society, and of the “Center of the Russian Choral Art.”


The main vector of the choir’s work is educational.

Main tasks:

 - Promotion of the Russian choral culture, traditions, and spiritual values.


The choir performs music by contemporary composers of the Moscow school (V. Kikta, A. Larin, T, Chudva, J. Butsko) and spiritual music by the Russian musicians. in 2014 the repertoire of the choir expanded with works of spiritual music by composers of the Russian Émigré (A. Gardner, N. Kedrov, B. Ledkovskii, etc.). The choir ‘Ozarenie’ was the first ensemble who performed works by forgotten Russian masters of the choral art.


 - Expansion of the listeners’ interest to unknown works of music.


The choir introduces new stylistic techniques of the musical art, avant-garde and modernism works by composers from Scandinavian countries, Belgium, and Hungary.

Many of those works are performed in Russia for the first time.

 -  Work on mono-thematic and theme concerts.


Among others are “The French Choral Mosaic,” “Palestrina and Mendelssohn: Dialog of Epochs,” “Stravinsky and Poulenc. The Russian Paris.”



The chamber choir ‘Ozarenie’ in collaboration with the leading European conductors, orchestras, and composers works on joint artistic projects. Among others are P. Raimondi’s oratorio “Il bindizio universale” (with the Italian National Orchestra), conductor  - А. Sacchetti (Italy, 2002);  “Avant-gardism and modernism in choral music for the female choir,” conductor  - Werner Pfaff (Germany) (Italy, 2002); “Contemporary Hungarian Choral Music,” conductor – Denes Szabo (Hungary, 2007); “Romanticism in Western European Choral Music,” conductor – Thomas Kiefer (Germany) (Italy, 2009); cantata “Five  Days that Changed the World,” conductor - Bob Chilcott (United Kingdom, 2013).

the year 2007


The repertoire of the choir includes works of large choral genres: Tchaikovsky’s liturgy, ‘Missa Secunda’ by M. Kocsar, ‘Messe Basse’ G. Faure, ‘Litanies a la Vierge Noire’ by Francis Poulenc, motets by F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdi, ‘Missa Brevis’ by N. Telfer, B. Chilcott’s ‘Five  Days that Changed the World’ and ‘Nidaros Jass Mass’. The choir performs works of such composers as O. Lasso, G. Palestrina,  G. Aichinger, J. Brahms, F. Mendelssohn-Bartoldi, E. Elgar, C. Gounod, G. Faure, F. Poulenc, M. Durufle, B. Britten, P. Steegmans, M. Kocsar, N. Telfer, M. Raichl, B. Chilcott, D. Bortniansky, P. Tchaikovsky, P. Chesnokov, S. Rakhmaninov, S. Taneev, I. Stravinsky, V. Kalistratov, A. Larin. The choir repertoire also includes several programs with organ – “The Dialog of Times,” “Veni Domine,” and “The French mosaic.”

In 2013 the choir published the audio-disc of its recordings, and in 2014 the disc “The Chants of the Russian Émigré. (World Premiere of the Forgotten Russian Composers)” was released.